If you’d like to develop or make contributions for sphinx-copybutton, fork the repository here:


pull to your computer and install locally with pip:

pip install -e /path/to/sphinx_copybutton

Pull requests and Issues are absolutely welcome!

The package is tested for three things (see .github/workflows/integration.yml):

code style#

To adhere to this code style install the package with pre-commit:

$ pip install .[code_style]

Then you can run:

$ pre-commit run --all

Or setup pre-commit to run on code commits:

$ pre-commit install

JavaScript unit testing#

Install the test dependencies with npm:

$ npm install ci

Then run the tests:

$ npm test


NodeJS >= 12 is required

Documentation builds#

Install the package:

$ pip install .

Then run the docs build:

$ cd doc
$ make html